Testimonials & References

Bronwyn Perkins

I have known John for over 15 years, he has sold two homes for me and recently I worked with him to buy my latest home. John is very experienced, hardworking, professional and honest. He goes above and beyond, always looking out for your best interest. He is always pleasant, positive and always has a great attitude no matter what the situation. He listens and works to the best of his ability to meet your needs whether you are buying or selling a home. He always keeps you informed every step of the way and is very knowledgeable about this business. In this day and age it is nice to know there are still people with integrity that take pride in their work.

Laurie Lincoln

Main Street Tours

I am honored to write this letter on behalf of John Wallace. John is, without a doubt, the best real estate agent that I have ever had the privilege of working with. I have used John for both buying and selling homes and have found him to be extremely hardworking, dedicated and a pleasure to work with. He communicates well and frequently with his clients and does an excellent job of keeping their best interests in mind. John also has a great list of partners and contacts who help make selling a home easier, whether it's the need for a good handyman, plumber, pest control service or mortgage lender.

I highly recommend John to anyone who is looking for the help of a realtor to buy or sell a home in the Chico area. He knows the market and will do everything possible to make the process seamless and easy for his clients.

Robert Francis

My name is Robert Francis; I recently purchased a house in the City of Chico using Century 21 and more specifically John Wallace as my realtor. Firstly, the process of buying a house is a daunting task under the best of circumstances, and having someone with a knowledgeable, honest, and down to earth approach to the entire process is a helpful and necessary aid to make the purchase as smooth as possible. My first plan for purchasing a home was to take on much of the legwork myself and use my agent as a fallback for situations that I couldn't handle. After speaking with John the first time, the feeling of confidence and honesty he conveyed immediatley created a trusting relaitonship where I was confident in letting him help me with my purchase.

Being my first home purchase I was nervous about finding the right home based on my income and ability to make payments. John's regular emails and contact regarding homes that fit the criteria that I could afford were helpful and enlightening. I loved the fact that i could call him directly with questions or concerns and I could count on a straightforward answer that always had my best interests in mind, even if it was not always what I was hoping to hear. John's advice on potential problems that I had overlooked in my excitement helped to protect me from pruchasing something that would be a problem in the future.

The house we did purchase wound up being a short sale, and upfront John told us that the sale process for a short sale is extremely difficult and would require a lot of work and patience on both our part, and his. It was, and it did. Our purchase had some special circumstances that created a situation where deadlines had to be extended and many times it looked like issues created by the sellling bank were going to stop the sale from going through. These problems made it necessary for John to remain in almost constant contact with the selling realtor to keep the ball rolling and keep me informed, he did all this with a smile and an understanding attitude. Ultimately the sale went through and I wound up purchasing my first home for my wife and our new baby. I greatly appreciate all the hard work that John put in for my family and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. I know I will be contacting him the next time I am in the market.

Having a friendly realtor that I could relate to make this difficult process much easier.

Phil Elkins

I bought my first house in 1981 and since then I've bought 3 other houses. In that time I've worked with several real estate agents. Six years ago I sold the house I bought in 1981 with the help of John Wallace. John is without a doubt, the most conscientious, hardest working, most thorough, most helpful and honest real estate agent I've ever had the pleasure of working with. And he's a hell of a nice guy to boot. I'd hire John again in an instant and I recommend him to anybody who wants to buy or sell any real estate.

Kristi Ayars

Simply Results Physical Therapy

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to recommend with highest praise the work of John Wallace, the realtor who guided me through the process of acquiring a commercial property. Throughout almost two months, Mr. Wallace had the amazing skill of making it seem like I was his only client. He returned my calls within minutes, he never rushed a conversation, he always had pertinent information to impart, his advice was sound, he met whenever and wherever I needed, he was upbeat and personable and always appropriate.

He oversaw the entire process from offer to escrow closure with utmost efficiency. He got the right people working immediately on important actions. He prompted me on information I needed to have prepared so that there would be no delays. Several times he even brought important documents to my workplace and waited for me to have a break, so the process would not be prolonged. He stayed on top of several little details at the very end, ensuring a satisfactory and timely closing. During a process that can create waves of anxiety, he remained a rock-solid island of calm born from experience and knowledge.

To summarize, I found that John Wallace knows his business thoroughly, is connected with competent colleagues in the industry, and works hard to effect a complete and timely job.

Carol A. Roza

I am writing to express my pleasure with real estate agent John Wallace, who represented me in my recent purchase of a single family home. John professionally facilitated the entire process, even participating in the home inspection when my commute made it impossible for me to be present.

John made me feel like I was his only client, working diligently with the sellers to complete this transaction in a timely manner, even when their communication skills were marginal at best. He was always honest and objective, expedient about returning my calls and advocated for my best interests every step of the way.

John has significant experience and knowledge of the market and his attention to detail ensured a smooth transaction in what could easily have been a stressful situation. It is because of his expertise and professionalism that I am in the home of my dreams.

I highly recommend John Wallace to anyone looking for a highly effective and reliable real estate agent.

Peter Gal and Dr. Regina

Goodman Services

Thank you for helping us find the perfect building for our needs. With your help the process was easy and painless. You helped us to gain an understanding about the legality of the purchase. We apprectiate you referring us to a listing that was not yours because you knew it was what would be suitable for us. Every step in the process was smooth and easy.

Ron and Bette Naddeo

Attention: Kelly Lydon (Owner of Century 21)

We discovered the beauty of Chico only about a year ago and decided we would relocate to the area. We were fortunate to find John Wallace to assist us in looking for a home.

We were in the Kern County area and that made house-hunting and buying a little more complicated. John was always available to answer any questions we had (and we had a lot) and went the extra mile to accommodate us.

We're still in the process of moving although excrow closed in May, but we wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all John did for us and how lucky we think you are to have him in your office. He's a good salesman and a great guy!

Ellen Shannon

North American Mortgage Company

I have known John Wallace for 4 years. I have worked with him over this time to assist him with financing for his clients. John is quite knowledgeable in the real estate field. His expertise aids in the successful conclusion of his sales and purchase tranactions for his clients.

John is detail oriented and conducts his business in a most professional manner. He is always courteous to our staff and in my opinion, does a fine job representing his clients. He has been a pleasure fo me to work with and I enjoy our fine lender/realtor working relationship

Charles E. Pugh

My wife and I just wanted to express our gratitude for the excellent manner in which you handled the recent sale of our home in Chico, California.

From the initial listing, through various open houses and the final sale, everything was handled in a professional, yet very personal manner.